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Change We Can Recognise

Blogbarackaipac By Yael Lavie, Sky News producer

In a somewhat ironic twist of events, Senator Barack Obama's first speech, a day after the end of his triumphant primary run, was to AIPAC - the pro-Israeli American lobby in its annual meeting in NYC.

One of the few obstacles Senator Obama faced throughout the primaries were the accusations about his lack of commitment to American-Israeli relations.

Not a minor obstacle, as the Jewish-American lobby is not one to ignore during a national presidential race.

But this evening, if anyone ever wondered "Is Obama good for the Jews?" he made sure all and any doubt was put to rest. And did he ever.

The leading Democratic presidential nominee began with his promise to keep the security of Israel on the top of his agenda.

"That effort begins with a clear and strong commitment to the security of Israel: our strongest ally in the region and its only established democracy. That will always be my starting point."

And he did not stop there - some choice quotes included a promise not to negotiate with Hamas or any other terrorist organisation.

"They do not sit at the table," promised the senator, wagging his finger.

He promised a commitment to keep Israel secure and finally he went above and beyond the call of duty, promising that any peace agreement must maintain Jerusalem as the undivided Jewish capital of the state of Israel.

It was like he was channeling George W, Rudy Giuliani, Ariel Sharon and a Hebron settler. 

Someone on his team should really alert him to the fact that back in the late 90s, when the Israelis and Palestinians were very close to signing a deal, even they agreed on dividing Jerusalem - because ultimately if you live in the real Middle East you know that is what peace will require one day.

But this evening in his passionate speech Senator Obama presented his commitment from "the bottom of my heart" - to quote him.

That commitment is one to maintain the current status quo as is. It may not be change we in the Middle East can believe in – it is, if anything, 'change' we are familiar with.

Written by Sky News, 04/06/2008


But humans can change and I believe if we can shift our preferences and favors from on party, we can unite jews and Arabs regardless to their past. Look at Hutu and Tutsi, look at the South-Africans, look at Albenians and Serbs. Just to name these few .. Obama is going to change the face of America ....

Posted by: Alexis Kiray 5 Jun 2008 19:38:20

Is this person living in the same world as the rest of us? What absolute rubbish!

It is true that Obama has to please the Israeli audience but his policy for Middle-East is clear.. Two separate recognised states and negociations between parties. Obama is a real and the most fair candidate in this issue. We cannot just support Jews because of their power,money and influence in the world but we need to be human as well. Palestinians have been opressed for long and I dont think the solution to be violence but they also need some kind of flatries as well. They are abandoned by the poweful and their efforts to resolve the matter is only through violence. But humans can change and I believe if we can shift our preferences and favors from on party, we can unite jews and Arabs regardless to their past. Look at Hutu and Tutsi, look at the South-Africans, look at Albenians and Serbs. Just to name these few .. Obama is going to change the face of America ....

What is Obama doing??I think it's high time that the US recognises that the Israeli - Palestinian conflict needs to be resolved to some degree and soon. This move of blatant allegiance to the jews may get him into the white house, but will serve to alienate and further disillusion the palestinian people and add fuel to the fire on global terrorism. Where are the solutions?? He went to far with this. I tought the idea was for Obama to bring change. It's all the same rhetoric. Don't sell out already Obama.

This is an example of what Clinton has said all along... that he lacks experience.

Obabama had to say all that about Israel because he has to fight a Republican to get to the White House. Whether he means it is another story. But politicians always tailor what they say to get the vote. Said he was speaking from the heart, did he? In all fairness what about the oppression of the Palestinians by the Israelis? And the USA continues to ignore their plight in the West Bank which is perhaps as bad as it ever was in apartheid SA. It is just such a pity that the US is prepared to perpetuate the misery of the Palestinians for a political ideal and put the whole world at risk again. Nobody learns from history.

Why do American politicans have to show their allegiance to Israel or else? What is that all about??

Obama stood for something good initially but has totally lost the plot now!!! If he wants to be the next president then he HAS to say these things.It's all about the money and the 2% Jews in America are the ones whose votes he needs.

Obama will always support Israel and will have to deal with Iran in an aggressive manner. Will all these Israel hating lefties wanting him in the Whitehouse still support him?

This is not the kind of change Obama has been preaching. I hope that this was just to get votes, otherwise I fear for the middle east. If the palestinians don't get at least half of Jeruselem you can expect hell to break out. I heard Tony Blair talking about his work to the foreign affairs committie, at least he has the right idea of what needs to be done. You'd think Obama would sympathise with the palestinians persecution but I guess he has to play it right, far right, to get those jewish votes.

From what I saw of Obama yesterday on SKY News, all I`ve seen, is that he`s another George W Bush. Saying he won`t let Iran have a nuclear weapon, that Iran, Syria and North Korea, are "a threat to international peace and security," "I`ll fight state sponsors of terrorism," and so on. And has anyone forgotten, that America has more nuclear weapons, than any other country in the world? I haven`t. So they don`t have the moral high ground to say to countries, that you can`t have them, when they have thousands. And John McCain is just the same.

Obama lost my support with that divisive speech to AIPAC. 2% of the USA population is Jewish and yet a potential president must have his fitness to govern judged by how far he is willing to go to serve Israel?

This is what fills the airwaves in the USA. Will Obama support Israel??? What is his stance on Israel? Not what is his stance on France? Germany? Brazil? Australia? China? Russia? India? Britain? NO! It's Israel this and Israel that and we must protect Israel no matter what all over the airwaves. Every news outlet seems obsessed with the candidate's stance on Israel. Even when asking about other policies, it aften seems to swing round to what that policy may mean for Israel. Polices on Iraq... NOT what does this mean for the Iraqis, NO.. What would this mean for poor bloody Israel.


I am sorry, but I thought that this was the American election to elect and American President to serve America first and then the rest of the world. I want to see a President that puts America 1st 2nd and 3rd.

I indeed missed what Obama was going to do for the Palestinians.
Is he running for President of the USA or for Israel???
AND he proclaims that he is for change - there is no change in Middleeast policy!
Don't try to fool your voters!

Obama will be good for the US. He will be able to influence and negotiate with the middle east far more astute than his predecessors. He caperbility to communicate to all will be his best quality. He may not possess all the experience that the opposition has, however, if his advisors are well picked, he will make agood american president.. go for it Obama

What a shame

Well I think Barrack Obama is just trying to say the right things. But IF he gets the Presidency his true colours will come out, and believe me those very same Americans that voted for him with rue the day as he has the capability of plunging the states into chaos.

Thus far as the gathering surrounding AIPAC or [2Pac] the fact remains that Senator Obama did not have Israel at the forefront of his campaign, otherwise such rhetoric will not be emerging just when he need them most. If memory serves me correct, then I am sure, and again without prejudice, it was Senator Clinton who put all her cards on the table, whether they were perceived good or bad, however ill judged by the so called super delegates.
Thus far as Iran, it worries me immensely that despite the U turn made by the current admin insofar as it purportedly amassing WMD's, Senator Obama did not go out of his way to extend the arms of friendship, but put further global insecurity at the forefront of many a mind.
Iran, like any civilised nation has the legitimate right to nuclear fuel for domestic purposes, and considering the fact that the region is full of other rhetoric at the best of times, I would be more inclined to believe Mr Ahmedinijad when he so states that his ambitions are civilian and if other wise adopted, no doubt neither he nor the extreme regime will live to see the day their grandchildren enjoyed the life our creator so granted us all.
All in all I hope emerging presidents will begin to adopt peaceful means so that we all can bring the price of oil down, bring lasting peace to a region torn by extreme dived and above all feed the starving who remain victimised by the fact that its a [Pac’s Life].
To that end, and having endured what can only be destruction and heartache amongst those leader go about ot serve, Hamas & Israel amongst others must therefore agree to land they currently adopt and put an immediate end to this nonsense called jihad as you can deceive so many on earth, but how are you going to convince the almighty before he throws you upon the barbecue of hell?
So, let’s have that deal signed within 14 days hereafter, UK civilian hostages released from Iraq forthwith and guarantee that neither side will fire a single mortar for at least 10 years hereafter. Believe me, when you see the change and enjoy the life this brings about, you will wonder what all the fuss was about.
Salam. So, Hilary ready, for the White House girl?

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