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Red Carpet Treatment In Second Life

Video: Watch what happened at the premiere

By Jon Gripton, News Editor, Sky News Online

Avril Lavigne was late.

And even when she turned up, she ignored me.

Mind you, I did break the rules - getting out of my seat and strolling to the front of the auditorium to park myself in the empty chair next to her.

"Psst, Avril, any chance of a few words for Sky News," I whispered.

The Canadian singing star seemed too engrossed in her bottle of Coca Cola to even acknowledge my presence.

Maybe if I shouted. "Hey Avril! Sky News! London"

She didn't even blink.

Clearly I am no skater boy - sorry, that should be sk8er boi.

This was the exclusive, invite-only, world premiere of a new Coca Cola 'mini movie': a sequel to their Happiness Factory tv advert, which told the story of an animated world inside a soft drink vending machine.

And here I was, mingling with the rich and famous - for once in front of the paparazzi.

The red carpet bash, with Avril as star celebrity invitee, happened inside Second Life - the virtual 3D world on the internet, where Sky News has launched a virtual studio and newsroom.

The organisers were able to get journalists from all corners of the world to attend, and once a few technical difficulties were overcome - like no sound, and the late arrival of certain star guests, the screening passed off smoothly.

The film's virtual launch included a red carpet entrance, ushers, a virtual press pack and a Q&A session hosted by an advertising executive.

It tells the story of what happens in the vending machine world when supplies of Coca-Cola run out, and  follows an Emmy-nominated TV commercial which the company says is the most successful in its advertising history.


But Avril didn't seem impressed. I knew it was her because a bubble hovered above her head with her name in it.

She ignored all my questions - even when I offered her a Coke.

Maybe she misunderstood.

Or maybe it wasn't really her.

In the virtual world, it's hard to tell.

Picture: Jon Gripton's 'avatar'

:: Visit Sky News in second life - click here

Watch Happiness Factory - The Movie by clicking on the image below:

::The Second Life Sky News Centre offers residents a unique behind-the-scenes, interactive look at its newsroom. Visitors can sit in presenter chairs and read the autocue, visit the gallery, watch headline news, showbiz and weather.

They can also take away a TV set that allows them to watch these channels in their own virtual home.

We've recently launched the 'Reporter Challenge', calling on Second Life residents to become virtual news reporters. The aim is for members to create video reports on something that they believe has value and relevance to the greater community.

All news reports will be viewable on and the best entries will run on the Sky News website and possibly even on Sky News TV.

Anyone interested can pick up a Sky News microphone from the foyer of the Sky’s virtual newsroom.

Written by Sky News, 14/08/2007


great advert for coca-cola. best i"ve seen in a long while.

It must be a slow news day.

Why is the video of 2nd Life so pixelated? Can't make out what is being said on screen. Isn't that Coke "mini-movie" just an extended version of the tv ad?

Well I would certainly welcome the opportunity to become one of the "Rythmatic Junkies" and boi "What A Feeling" that would be in the presence of

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