Adam Boulton
Inside The Heathrow Climate Camp

By Orla Chennaoui, Sky Reporter


The clouds may have been dark and heavy over Heathrow this morning, but the mood at Camp Climate was anything but.

As the hundreds who had already gathered battled the wind and rain to help build the eco-village, Shelly Bland, a young mum of two described the mood as “upbeat.”

Shelly has been at the camp with her husband Kevin and their two young children, 3-year-old Ana and 18-month-old Flynn, since yesterday.

As Kevin put it: “Here, people are out to help each other whatever the weather, even if it starts snowing, which it might do if we keep flying!”

Originally from Newcastle, this week the family are residents of the “Scotland” neighbourhood. The camp is divided into a number of neighbourhoods, each named after a region of the UK, and each responsible for its own tasks of cooking, cleaning and recycling.

While the colourful banners and posters promote opposition to Heathrow’s third runway, what is striking among Camp Climate’s residents, is that for them this campaign is just as much about promoting an eco-friendly way of life.

24-year-old Rosa from Manchester spent the morning helping to build a drainage system out of two baths, planks of wood, and bales of straw.

For her, it is about “showing that an alternative way of living, one which relies on self-sufficiency, is possible.”

Inevitably campaigners are aware of suspicions that the campaign may turn more sinister as the week progresses. Many refused to be drawn on the issue, most simply said they personally had no intention of causing trouble.

Whether a more radical element does emerge over the next few days remains to be seen.

For Kevin Bland however, who drove to the camp using recycled chip fat as fuel, the message is simple: “Change your lifestyle, save yourself.”

Written by Sky News, 14/08/2007


there are much more important things to do in your own country like taking care of your elders and keeping your youth undercontrol!they are the future of your country! and with a youth like englands i think climate change is the last worry their minds!i think thats worth worrying about!!

Wow, out of all these comments only 2 are supporting these time-wasters! What does that tell you about the way the news is reported? Maybe that the vocal minority get on the TV far more than they deserve to?
I wonder if these protesters will be chaining themselves to the gates etc on signing-on day at the DSS? I doubt it.
Let's face it, maybe 1% of the people there are climate protesters, the rest are the usual 'rent-a-mob' idiots that hate everything this country (and probably democracy in general) stand for... except dole money obviously.

and these protestos are clued up on climate change are they?
the police should have the powers to set up an exclusion zone around the airport, and keep the whole lot of them at aa safe distance.
Im all for democracy, and the right to protest, but not at the expense of public safety.
the laws of human nature dictate, that if they get close to the airport, then temptation will take over and they will try and do something - hence the 40 + arrests by the police. and how do these campaigners know, that a potential terrorist hasnt infiltrated their numbers? peaceful these campaigners maybe, but their camp offers an ideal "jump off point" right next one of the biggest airports in the world, and a so called "legitimate" reason for being in the area.
it makes me shudder to even think about it.

The Climate camp protesters are really the latest re-incarnation of the rent-a-crowd for a demo in the 60's when I was a student. Now as then the looneys demonstrated for the sake of demonstration and to disrupt normal lives. They have no real knowledge about climate change, it is just the lastest reason to have a demo. Have they worked out what was the net effect of their little trip to Biggen Hill. I'm sure that they used high co2 polluting cars and vans to get from Heathrow to Biggen Hill and result not 1 flight stopped but much more greenhouse gasses released.
However, The demonstrators of today will eventually get a job and have 2.4 children and then want to jet away for their Summer Hols!

gather up all these protesters, chuck them in uniforms and send them to Iraq to help out the boys? Quote "it takes nothing to be a loser, but a heart and a sense of pride in your country to be a soldier. students everywhere whats the country coming to?.

I would really be impressed by the protestors if they were to repeat their actions in China where the authorities are in the throes of building 48, yes 48 new airports. Now that IS worth protesting over, but will they, of course not, it's only democracies that will allow this sort of thing and there's the irony of the situation.

How do the Heathrow protesters suggest that we ex-pats living in the Canary Islands manage? To get to the UK, the alternative to a cheap 4-hour air flight is a minimum of 5 days and at least a 10 times more expensive journey by sea and overland.

It sickens me that my tax money is paying for the police to guard these social drop-outs. I hope to DSS are looking at each and every one of the protesters and removing their benifits as they obviously are not availiable for work.

stop their dole money,lets see them protest then. who put up the money for the camp. ?

A month ago we had some crazy terrorists try and blow up glasgow airport. Now we have some Doo-gooders claiming they are going to dress up as pilots and cabin crew to get into the airport.

If one of them gets shot by a policeman/woman because they have to make a split second decision as to whether this person is a terrorist or a protestor then they only have themselves to blame.

These people lack common sense, get a job and stop moaning about everything. No doubt they all drove to the camp in there cars so they are hypocrits!

The climate protestors at Biggin Hill Airport, have showed complete lack of brains.
All 11 chain themselves to one gate, the airport opens another gate. Airport runs as normal. Total effect on airport Nil. Total effect on protestors, numb bums.

70-100 police turn up plus media in their cars, nice carbon footprint you caused there protestors.

As an aside, the bbc website video shows them setting up and chaining themselves to the gates. Did the bbc have prior knowledge knowing these people were about to commit an offence??? isnt that as illegal as a bombers friend knowing he was gonna blow up some people?

Why are we calling these people "Eco-Warriors"? It makes them sound heroic, which they are not. They just hate the lifestyle of everyone else and are what we used to call "New Age Travellers". In reality they are anarchists and are anti globolisation protestors. The Global Warming debate is just a convenient focus for them.
Ive just read what i have written and saw that i said "Global Warming Debate"!! What a laugh. There is no debate. can anybody tell me why if you question the Man Made Global Warming Theory you are ridiculed and compared to Holocaust deniers and flat earthers?

The human race has put itself on death row. Ultimately the earths climate will become unhabitable for us. Everytime a plane gets in that sky our execution date gets closer. Shouldn't we all be worried?

Why do we as a nation give so much creedance to these small interest groups. These small minorities make a lot of noise and eventually our weak government give in to them which then affects all our lives.
We have had knee jerk legislation in so many areas that have not been popular amongst the population in general but have been put into place to keep the loud protestors quiet.
I suggest that we stop funding the benefits of these people as they are clearly not avaliable for work if they are camped on the edge of Heathrow etc. These people hate society but want the handouts that those of us daft enough to have paid in provide for them.

oh!boy enough hot air generated to fly twice around the world in a jumbo jet,in the mean time,try estabishing where true north and magnetic north was in or about 1966/7 and where it is positioned today,you could be very suprised. all you miss guided people, goooo home.

Why don't these so called 'do-gooders' travel to China and protest there, where it might actually do some good. Alternatively they could travel to Brazil and try to minimise the de-forestisation happening there. Oops! I forgot, they would need to fly to both these countries!!

It'll be interesting to see if their 'recycling' goes as far as leaving the field as they found it, or whether the land owner is left to clear away all the rubbish they leave behind.

Gotta love these hypocrytes.
The mask hes is wearing isnt eco freindly, niether is the rucksack or the berghus jacket.

Or the house he lives in (or tent), It all takes pollution causing industries to make. the only way to beat pollution is to go back to the stone age.

Eco warrior=stone age warrior.

the great unwashed at it again!! sky please make a program following these halfwits as half of them will end up working for some global scale company when they finally grow up, funny how a growing family morgage etc changes ones view on the world.

I fully support the campers, people talking about potential terrorists are scaremongering

They are arrogant do Gooder's who think they can change the world. Wake-up people!! Of course you have never flown on an airplane or even have had purchased cheap ticket.

Whats with the finger!! maybe you should put this to some good use, Like pointing at countries like china and sort that problem of pollution out first.

Oh, i forgot they won't listen to people like this, they'll just bang you up in prison and maybe ask you questions around one or two years later.If they feel like it.

you have heard the old saying "BIGGER IS BETTER"!!
The army should set up camp right beside them and make their stay as memorable as possible and stay awake just in case they might miss something.

This is trespassing and should not be allowed to take place.
Who knows who these individuals are? The word TERRORISM seems to spring to mind?

Passengers are subjected to rigorous checks before they even got anywhere an airport, then you have these sitting right on your doorstep. Something needs to be done about this behavior.

People to me always seem to be barking up the wrong tree. Go and lobby someone else in another country and leave us and this place in peace.

Burning chip fat is not as eco-friendly as you may think. It's still oil at the end of the day. People are mixing there own using methanol and thus there is a risk already.

Not everyone drives a diesel vehicle. LPG is a better cleaner option. Or hybrid versions.

I do not think for one minute these protesters drive eco-friendly vehicles. They are nothing but smelly diesel driven trucks.

China is the biggest user of crude oil at present.

I wholeheartedly agree with Robert & "R Kelly". Now, keep it clean or you will be "Feeling On Yo Booty"!

Am i missing something here these so called protestors send out an e-mail asking people to bring fake airline uniforms & suits.Is this so they lok their best for the TV crews i think not.Why have the police yet again failed to act on this matter in the current climate of terrorism etc this could easily lead to something similar or worse still someone getting shot. They should have been stopped before it started but as per usual they just pussyfoot around.What happened to these laws which were passed which can move gatherings of people?
If i did the same on my own no doubt i`d be arrested it`s just the usual double standards the police use.
These so called protestors should get off their lazy backsides & get a job no doubt they`ll be happily sponging off the state & should have their benefits stopped as they can not be activly seeking employment.
It`s just another glaring example of the NANNY STATE we live in

I fully support the actions of the protestors so long as their protest remains peaceful.

The old adage that 'actions speak louder than words' may yet prove true if they continue in as positive a vein as they have started out.

Best of luck to them.

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